Chapter 4: Christ

As we follow the story of Scripture, we find that God’s people struggle to fulfill their part of the covenant God made with them. On their own, they’re never quite able to escape their past. The natural consequences of the fall–conflict with God, conflict with humanity, conflict with all creation–continue to affect not just God’s people, but all humankind.

It is into this darkness that God the Son does something entirely unexpected: Jesus takes on flesh and becomes a human being, becomes a member of God’s people. Not only was his coming unexpected; everything about him was unpredictable. Who would have thought the Son of God would be born to parents who were relative nobodies in a place not known for producing anybody remarkable? Who would have thought the Messiah would decline multiple chances to rally the troops to regain power and would instead make a choice to live among and for the least of these? Who would have thought the one through whom all things were made would submit to death, even death on a cross?

Jesus is not just part of the story. In many ways he is the story in microcosm. Listen to how N.T. Wright captures this sentiment in the following video.

Now take a few moments to pause and allow this video to lead you into a time of meditating on the gift of Jesus, the Lamb of God.

Questions for Reflection

1. When you think about Jesus, what is it that draws you most to him?

2. In what ways have you been surprised anew by Jesus in the last week? In the last year or the last few years?

3. What about imitating Jesus comes easily for you?

4. What in Jesus’s life is hardest for you to imitate?

Living A Better Story Playlist

If stories form the script of our lives, music provides the soundtrack. This playlist–comprised of songs that explore the themes of the various chapters of the story of Scripture–is intended to help saturate our hearts and minds with lyrics and music that will help us with Living A Better Story.

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