Chapter 3: Covenant

The story of Scripture begins with the overwhelmingly beautiful story of creation. Before long, though, that beauty is marred by the sinfulness and selfishness of humanity, by betrayal of the deepest possible degree. What’s incredible is that God’s primary response to this betrayal is different than anyone could ever have anticipated. Not only does God refuse to enforce the death penalty initially mentioned as the punishment if Adam and Eve were to eat of the forbidden fruit. God responds to their failure with forgiveness and greets their fall with amazing grace. Even more than that though, God dares to pick up the pieces and try again. God risks another encounter with heartbreak, another experience with disappointment.

So God invites Abram into a covenant. God promises blessings for Abram and all his descendants. God envisions a hope and a dream for Abram and all his descendants: that they will be a blessing to all the people of the world. And at every turn, God keeps the promise. Even when Abram and his descendants fail to fulfill their calling, God never backs out, God never gives up, God always remains faithful. Again and again God chooses to take the risk of betrayal. Again and again God endures the hurt of infidelity. And again and again God remains steadfast and loyal.

Take a few moments to listen to this song that captures beautifully God’s unconditional love.

Now allow these words to become your own as a response to God’s unconditional love.

Questions for Reflection

1. In what ways have you experienced God’s faithful covenant love in response to your own betrayals?

2. How has God blessed you in the last week? In the last year? In your life?

3. In what ways are you sharing God’s blessings with others?

4. What is one new way you can intentionally be a blessing to someone else outside your closest circle of family and friends this week?

Living A Better Story Playlist

If stories form the script of our lives, music provides the soundtrack. This playlist–comprised of songs that explore the themes of the various chapters of the story of Scripture–is intended to help saturate our hearts and minds with lyrics and music that will help us with Living A Better Story.

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