Chapter 1: Creation

Stories are one of the basic building blocks of the human experience. They help us to get a handle on the world around us. They give us a framework for making sense of our lives. They offer possibilities for the shape our future will take.

One of the great challenges of life, however, is that there are so many stories, too many stories. If we’re not careful, before we know it, we allow our lives to be defined by stories that are unhealthy or selfish or toxic. As followers of Jesus, we are invited to find our place in a story that stands out from all the other stories, a story that is life-giving and life-changing. We’re invited to find our place in the story of the Bible.

The story begins with creation. While there are many things that could be said about the meaning and significance of creation in Scripture, there is one that is more important than anything else. Creation is an expression of God’s great love that culminates in the creation of humanity as sharers in that love with God and sharers of that love with the rest of humanity and all creation.

The following videos offer an opportunity to reflect on the incredible opening chapter of the story. The first video invites us to respond to God’s loving creation with awe and wonder. The second video prompts us to reflect on what it means for us to be bearers of God’s image who are called to have dominion within creation. Both help us to have a sense of where our story begins.

Questions for Reflection

1. What does it mean to you that you’re made in the image of God? How does that make you feel?

2. In what ways do you recognize God’s image being visible in your life? What aspects of God’s image are still struggling to come to the surface of your life?

3. What is one way that you exercise compassionate dominion? What is one step you can take to be more compassionate in your exercise of the dominion God has given you?

Living A Better Story Playlist

If stories form the script of our lives, music provides the soundtrack. This playlist–comprised of songs that explore the themes of the various chapters of the story of Scripture–is intended to help saturate our hearts and minds with lyrics and music that will help us with Living A Better Story.

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