Reaching Out To God

Hope in the Dark

I remember one day realizing I had a tendency to want others to show me a great deal of grace, while at the same time having very little grace for others. My immediate response to this discovery was to try to flip the script: less grace for myself, more grace for others. The longer I’ve thought about it, though, the more it seems to me that grace doesn’t have to be–and shouldn’t be–an either/or reality. Because while many of us operate as though grace is a resource in limited supply, there’s actually more than enough to go around. This theme of grace is at the heart of the story of Jonah, and it is as worthy of attention and reflection as it’s ever been. May these videos and the accompanying reflection questions draw us more fully into God’s economy of abundant grace.

I Am Here

Questions for reflection on the “I Am Here” Video:

1. Think about a time when you felt all alone, when it seemed even God wasn’t anywhere to be found. What was that experience like? How did it feel? How has that experience shaped your life since?

2. When in your life have you been most aware of God’s presence with you? What were the circumstances? In what ways did you sense God’s presence? How has that experience shaped your life since?

3. Our world is full of people who feel alone, who feel as if God isn’t anywhere to be found. Sometimes this is obvious, other times it’s not. Take some time to think about someone you know who might fit this bill. What is a specific way that you can embody the faithful presence of God for them this week?

Grace: Past, Present, Future

Questions for reflection on the “Grace: Past, Present, Future” Video:

1. As you reflect on your life to this point, take several minutes to recount the various ways you’ve experienced God’s grace.

2. In what ways is God showing you grace right now, in the present?

3. In the video, John Perkins says that the promise of God’s grace in the future ought to make us a little adventurous. What is something adventurous you have thought about doing in service to God’s kingdom but have perhaps been too cautious to do? What would a first step toward adventure look like?

Hope in the Dark Playlist

If you haven’t already, take some time to check out this carefully curated playlist of songs that reflect upon the major movements and themes of the story of Jonah.