A New Way of Savoring Goodness

As he set the stage for communion in the sermon, Jarrod spoke of the ways in which we struggle to savor goodness. He contrasted this struggle with the way Jesus invited people to slow down, even to stop, that they might truly savor the goodness of life, the goodness of God. As we delve deeper into this theme of savoring goodness, I encourage you to take some time to slow down, to watch these videos, and to contemplate the accompanying questions. My hope is that as we engage in thoughtful reflection, we’ll find our way toward a healthy habit of savoring the God-created and God-given goodness that is all around us.

Enjoying God’s Pleasures

Questions for reflection on the “Enjoying God’s Pleasures” Video:

1. In what ways have you observed or overheard Christians pitting “mission” against the enjoyment of God’s pleasures? What types of reactions have you observed to this dichotomy? How have you reacted to this dichotomy?

2. In what ways do you find it easy to stop and enjoy the pleasures of God? In what ways do you find it difficult?

3. What is one specific step you want to take to grow in your ability to enjoy the pleasures of God, to savor goodness?

Learning to Party Better

Questions for reflection on the “Learning to Party Better” Video:

1. Think back over your experience in the church. In what ways has the church celebrated well? In what ways has the church struggled with being festive, with savoring goodness?

2. Engage your imagination for a moment: how would you like to see the church savor goodness? What would be the focus? What would that celebration look like?

3. In what ways would learning to savor goodness diminish the cultural power of consumerism?

4. How would learning to savor goodness impact our participation in God’s mission?